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Responsible travel in Tasmania

Tasmania, an isolated island state off the southern coast of Australia, is famous for its vast wild and rugged regions, largely protected within parks and reserves. Wild and splendid, distant but welcoming, the Australian archipelago is a real treasure island.

Despite its name, the Tasmanian Devil is actually shy, suspicious and only attacks humans if they feel threatened. A half-deserved stormy reputation: legend has it that the devil takes his name from his shrill cry which frightened the first European settlers when they heard it.

Travel to Tasmania, the little jewel of Australia, treat yourself to a memorable adventure. This unique region offers a range of breathtaking scenery. The locals are renowned for their hospitality and tasty cuisine, but above all, the island is famous for its pristine and wild nature. More than a third of the surface area is devoted to the creation of national parks. The climate is mild and marine, with temperate summers and snowy winters for the more adventurous.

Discover Tasmania, a unique destination for adventurers, nature enthusiasts and curious people from around the world. Escape the European winter and immerse yourself in a protected environment, far from the noise of the world. Meet the famous Tasmanian Devil, the peaceful wombat and pet the kangaroos.

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Tasman national park

  Tasman national park   #Sustainabletourism  #Tasmania  #IndianOcean   Tasman National Park is for the adventurous. Hang gliding launches over

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