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Responsible travel in India

India never leaves indifferent. Majestically exotic, abundant and contrasting, this destination is undoubtedly one of the most bewitching there is. From lush jungles to the effervescence of its cities, passing through its flamboyant royal cities and its fragrant cuisine, the many contrasts that characterize India seduce and confuse its travelers.

We visit the north of the country to get lost in its dazzling landscapes, where sumptuous palaces are devoured by the eyes. In immersion with the locals, you discover the habits and customs of your hosts.

How can I be a responsible tourist in India?
Some small advice to begin :
Remove your shoes before entering temples and mosques, and cover your shoulders and legs in sacred places. Don’t disturb people in prayer or meditation. Finally, always ask for permission before taking someone’s photo. Being cognizant of your surroundings is an equally important aspect of responsible tourism.
And more :
There are many issues in this country full of contradictions, but what is remarkable is that Indians are talking about them: . They like debates, accept criticism, welcome intercultural conflicts without any problem, surprising? no, because at its core, it is a “spiritual and caring” country, which strives to bring positive changes, a challenge of the size of the country!.

Practice responsible travel in India with our local experts.


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