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Oman is a country on the Arabian Peninsula composed of deserts, river oases and long coastlines of the Persian Gulf (or Arabian Gulf), the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. Wahiba Sands is an area of sand dunes inhabited by Bedouins. The port capital of Muscat is home to the large. Modern Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is outstanding .The old town of Matera with its waterfront, maze of souks and bustling fish market.

A trip to Oman will allow you to admire the typical Gulf fusion of Islamic culture, modernity and breathtaking desert landscapes. Start your journey in Muscat, the capital. In this teeming city of two million souls, you can marvel at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. The Royal Palace or the Royal Opera House of Muscat, a dazzling white building. Continue your journey in the rest of the country, where exotic adventures await you in the Wahiba desert and the magnificent wadis scattered here and there.

Magical journeys aboard fishermen, proud heirs of a long line of sailors always delighted to see the waters where dolphins jump. They tirelessly tell you the legends of their ancestors who, at the beginning of the 16th century, sailed in their rudimentary “dhows” on the path of Vasco da Gama’s Portuguese caravels in search of a route to India.

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Gastronomy Oman

    Gastronomy Oman   #SustainableTourism #IndianOcean #Oman #Gastronomy During your trip, you will find many typical dishes to eat

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