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Responsible travel in Australia

Australia is positioned as the 6th country in the world and it is also the largest island in the world, but also the smallest continent!

The buildings of modern and relaxed cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane…) rub shoulders with virgin and endless regions (Great Barrier Reef, Red Center, Outback and lush forests of the Top End). The Australian continent will offer you a palette of colors and landscapes of disconcerting variety!

Australia has not always been exemplary when it comes to climate policy. But a real awareness is beginning.

Australia has suffered the full impact of global warming: bushfires, heat waves, coral bleaching… Climate change is taken seriously by many Australians, a recent study by “The Australia Institute” revealed that 73% of respondents were concerned about climate change, compared to 66% in 2017. Ecology at the heart of economic policy, the Australian Great Barrier Reef directly and indirectly generates nearly 65,000 full-time jobs. Responsible actions are necessary from both a global and local point of view. The challenges are major both in terms of biodiversity and the economy. Will this balance raise awareness among politicians? Ecotourism in Australia is booming.

Australia has endemic flora and fauna of incredible biodiversity. Australia is a “nature” destination, there are no less than 500 national parks, covering an area of 28 million hectares, among these parks, 14 are part of the world heritage of humanity. These are real sanctuaries which protect fauna and flora that are fragile to environmental variations.


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