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Responsible travel in the Comoros

This archipelago, also called “the islands of the moon” located in the Mozambique Channel, is not really a tourist destination. Few curious people come to visit the Comoros. And yet, the archipelago is not devoid of charm and authenticity. Deserted beaches, luxuriant nature, rich and varied aquatic fauna. The different islets are bathed in an authentic atmosphere, with the richest fauna and flora.

As part of the implementation of alternative environmental protection activities, the authorities have set up, among others, the ecotourism house to promote the diversity of the island.

Why choose the Comoros as a travel destination? If you are a fan of adventure and hiking, the Comoros archipelago is the ideal place for a vacation rich in emotions and discoveries. Plan your next trip now to this jewel of the Indian Ocean. You will be amazed by the lush nature of this colorful destination. Enjoy the enchanting environment of volcanic mountains, spectacular forests, idyllic beaches and sublime seabeds, home to rare flora and fauna. Tourism in the Comoros, particularly ecotourism, is a way to enjoy sumptuous landscapes in the Comoros.

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