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Responsible Tourism in South Africa

In the vast territory that is South Africa, 3.3% of the land is devoted to wildlife protection areas. South Africa’s parks and reserves are endowed with preserved fauna and flora, which are the natural grounds of exceptional Safaris.

South Africa will awaken your five senses throughout your responsible trip !

Traveling to South Africa is a unique experience for every traveler. Are you planning to travel to South Africa? We are here to make your dream an unforgettable reality. With us, each trip to South Africa is designed to meet the expectations and requirements of each traveler.

One of the best reasons to visit South Africa is to see the Big 5: elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard. And why not see them all in one day? In addition, during your trip to South Africa, you will have the opportunity to discover exceptional diving and snorkeling sites in the tropical coral reefs.

Explore the origins of humanity in South Africa by going back in time. Your trip to South Africa won’t be complete without visiting the Cradle of Humankind, where hominid fossils have been discovered, including the 2.3-million-year-old Ms. Ples, as well as other remarkable fossils .

In South Africa, you can easily find comfortable guest houses or family lodges for a relaxing and affordable stay. 


Practice responsible travel in South Africa with our local experts.

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