Indian Ocean Travel

Indian Ocean Travel


Focus on "what we can get from a trip and think about what we could give in return."

Find your responsible travel in the Indian Ocean with our local experts in 21 culturally rich countries and have a wonderful trip.
Urging Everyone to Cherish and Protect the Wonders of Nature
Let's take a moment to explore, admire, and appreciate the breathtaking beauty of nature, which we must all work to preserve.
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Openness and Active Listening
Traveling is a great way to promote openness and listening to others. When we travel, we expose ourselves to new cultures, languages, and ways of life.
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Exploring Local Life: Mixing with Artisans and Businesses
Have a more immersive experience. Rather than simply visiting popular tourist attractions, seek out opportunities to connect with the people and cultures of the places you visit.
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Tourismer  selects trips where we take our time to discover, appreciate and marvel at the beauties of nature that we must all preserve, Trips that promote openness, listening to others, exchanges and cultural dialogues, Trips to mingle with local life, its artisans, its businesses. 
Let yourself be immersed in this life elsewhere and, why not, discover a vocation to help.
You don’t know what to do? Where, When?

Choose to travel having a positive impact on natural environments, populations, local economies and fully preserving local cultures  : it is responsible travel.


Discover unique cultural trips, unusual experiences offered by our experts and local agencies, to guarantee you travel in harmony with the cultures and natural environments that you choose.

"Tourism is a real pilote of solidarity and development. We all have an interest in taking full advantage of its ability to bring people and communities together, in accordance with the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. In this way, tourism can continue to open up better prospects and to be a vector of sustainable development for millions of people around the world."

Visit and Explore Reunion

    Visit and Explore Reunion Placed in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Reunion seduces with its cultural diversity and its exceptional setting, which

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Responsible Tourism in the Indian Ocean