TOURISMER embraces the challenge of offering comprehensive tourist information for each chosen country within the Indian Ocean region

With over 200,000 visitors exploring our platforms and entrusting us with their quest for Indian Ocean tourism updates, we firmly believe that our influence and reach will extend beyond the borders of the Indian Ocean.

Soon we see each other on a global scale. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled information and services is driven by our passion for the Indian Ocean and its vibrant tapestry of life. We strive to be the ultimate resource for anyone looking to explore this enchanting region.

The services provided include


A detailed overview of cultural events, local initiatives, and sustainable tourism projects within the Indian Ocean region.

Amazing place

Discover travel inspirations within the Indian Ocean, including wild parks, oases, natural reserves, natural sites, and authentic villages.


Information on initiatives dedicated to preserving the delicate ecosystem of the Indian Ocean: coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests.

Local culture

Explore the diverse cultural heritage of Indian Ocean countries, encompassing local customs, work practices, and communication styles.

The Indian Ocean blog - local gastronomy

Delve into the culinary traditions of Indian Ocean countries, highlighting emblematic dishes of the region.

Outstanding initiatives

Showcase noteworthy initiatives in education, healthcare, food security, biodiversity conservation, and responsible tourism across Indian Ocean countries.


Embark on unforgettable hikes to discover the breathtaking landscapes of Indian Ocean countries, catering to various skill levels from short hour-long treks to extended 20-day adventures.

Tourism News

Stay informed about the latest tourism developments in the Indian Ocean, including new events, attractions, tours, accommodations, and travel tips to enrich your journey.

TOURISMER establishes its presence as an emerging global entity within the realm of Responsible Tourism. Its mission is to guide travelers through the regions bordering the Oceans, fostering the advancement of indigenous communities and traditions.

The initial focus lies on the Indian Ocean, chosen for its remarkable biodiversity and the vibrancy of the coastal communities residing in its vicinity. This initiative aims to introduce a unique form of tourism that could potentially spur the progress of these local areas.

Date: July 13, 2024